I. Official Contemporary Sources

A. Microform (manuscript and printed):

Australian Joint Copying Project Public Records Office 376, 627, 628, 634, 637, 682, 1038, 1211, 2957

B. Printed:

Historical Records of Australia vols XII, XIV, XIX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXVI Sydney 1919-1925
Historical Records of New South Wales vol 1 pt 2, Sydney 1892
New South Wales Government Gazette Sydney 1847 vol 2
Statutes of the United Kingdom vols 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 20, 22 London 1824, 1829, 1838, 1841, 1843, 1851, 1855
United Kingdom Parliamentary Debates 3rd Series, LVII, CX, CXXXVIII, CXXXIX, London 1841, 1850, 1855
United Kingdom Parliamentary Papers XXXV London 1849
Votes and Proceedings New South Wales Legislative Council Sydney 1843-1855
Votes and Proceedings New South Wales Legislative Assembly Sydney 1856

II. Other Contemporary Sources

A. Newspapers (microform and printed):

The Atlas Sydney 1845, 1846, 1848 (ANL F3775)
The Australian Sydney 1842 (ANL mfm NX 152)
The Empire Sydney 1851-1856 (ANL NX62)
The Guardian Sydney 1844 (ANL mfm NX126)
The Illustrated Sydney News Sydney 1854 (ANL mfm NX228)
The Maitland Mercury Maitland 1846, 1848 (ANL mfm NX27)
The Peoples Advocate Sydney 1848 (ANL mfm NX129)
The Port Phillip Patriot Melbourne 1843, 1844 (ANL mfm NX137)
The Sydney Herald Sydney 1841 (ANL mfm NX15)
The Sydney Morning Herald Sydney 1842-1856 (ANL mfm NX15)
The Times London 1823 (ANL mfm x170)

B. Books:

Burke E. The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke vols 1, 2, London 1899
Grey H.G. The Colonial Policy of Lord John Russell’s Administration 2 vols, London 1853
Lang J.D. Freedom and Independence for the Golden Lands of Australia London 1852
Lowe R. Speech on the Australian Government Bill London 1850
[Macarthur James] New South Wales, Its Present State and Future Prospects London 1837
Mansfield R. Analytical View of the Census of New South Wales for the years 1841, 1846 Sydney 1841, 1847
Parkes H. Fifty Years in the Making of Australian History vol 1, London 1892
Silvester E.K. (ed) The Speeches Sydney 1853
Therry R. Reminiscences of Thirty Years’ Residence in New South Wales and Victoria Sydney 1974 reprint

III. Later Works

A. Books:

Anderson H. Out of the Shadow Melbourne 1962
Baker D.W.A. John Dunmore Lang Canberra 1980
Clark C.M.H. A History of Australia vols III, IV, Melbourne 1973 and 1978
Clark C.M.H. Select Documents in Australian History 1788-1850 Sydney 1950
Connell R.W. & Irving T.H. Class Structure in Australian History Melbourne 1980
Cumston J.H.L. Thomas Mitchell London 1955
Foster S.G. Colonial Improver Melbourne 1978
Knight R. Illiberal Liberal Melbourne 1966
Loveday P. & Martin A.W. Parliament, Factions and Parties Adelaide 1966
Madden A.F. & Morris-Jones W.H. (eds) Australia and Britain - Studies in Changing Relationships Sydney 1980
Martin A.W. Henry Parkes Melbourne 1980
Melbourne A.C.V. Early Constitutional Development in Australia 2nd ed, Brisbane 1963
Melbourne A.C.V. William Charles Wentworth Brisbane 1934
Molony J.N. An Architect of Freedom Canberra 1973
Morrell W.P. British Colonial Policy in the Age of Peel and Russell Oxford 1930
Pearl C. Brilliant Dan Deniehy Melbourne 1972
Powell A. Patrician Democrat Melbourne 1977
Roe M. Quest for Authority in Eastern Australia 1835-1851 Sydney 1965
Shaw A.G.L. et al (eds) Australian Dictionary of Biography vols l-6,Melbourne 1967-76
Ward J.M. Colonial Self Government, The British Experience 1759-1856 London 1976
Ward J.M. Earl Grey and the Australian Colonies 1846-1857 Melbourne 1958
Ward J.M. Empire in the Antipodes. The British in Australia 1840-1860 London 1966
Ward J.M. James Macarthur: Colonial Conservative 1798-1867 Sydney 1981

B. Articles:

Barrett J. ‘The Gipps-Broughton Alliance, 1844’ Historical Studies vol 11 No 41 (1963)
Buckley K. ‘Gipps and the Graziers of New South Wales 1841-6’ Historical Studies vol 6 No 24 (1955), vol 7 No 26 (1956)
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